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Things To Consider In Planning A Short Term Mission for Teens


There are times in which teens should focus on themselves and know the purpose they are really looking in life. This kind of learning cannot just be given to a bunch of kids at a random time. And now, the concept of Short Term Mission Plans arise in which there could be knowledge or self-reflection given to these teens. Below are some of the things you can use in planning the short term missions.


1. Discipleship on the front lines. Testing faith of the teens could be a good thing to add. In this they'll be tested on their beliefs and faith. It is known that testing faith in strange territories could further enhance them and make sure that the group could have circumstances in which their faith can be challenged. It would just be like human muscles in which as one is being pumped, it is challenged and the muscle comes back stronger and it is the same with faith.


2. A perspective on the big picture. Not only faith but the knowledge of God's plans should also be conveyed in teen mission trips such as this. A thing in which you can do is merely ask what is their thinking on God's big plan for all of us. Ensure that the kids will be educated on the reality of things happening right now and give them perspectives on the world's situation. One benefit they could get here is the exposure to situations first hand rather than getting these irrevocable information from merely reading books.


3. An Understanding of God's Power.  After giving them the thoughts regarding the big picture of realistic things that God has done for human kind, it should be emphasized how much we do know about God's omnipotent power. Powerful things that we attributed to God should be discussed such as miracles. Give them examples of miracles that happened because of God and they will surely have the passion to burn in serving and seeking God more. Here’s a video you must watch:


4. Training on how to make a difference. Making a dent to this world is something teens could do some help. These teens could be given knowledge on their short term retreat about giving things back to the world and the benefits that it releases. They could be given informal trainings about little things. First aid or make use of other training methods that could enhance their contribution to society to give them more passion in pursuing and learning more about God.


5. Learning the value of self sacrifice. Teens get their inspiration from models and superstars that perform the best into this world. Make use of the lives of these superstars in which you must emphasize on their use of self-sacrifice. Self sacrifice involves looking for yourself less and giving more to the needy such as money, food and specially time. It would be helpful to the camp if they also know some stories that you do and what you felt. Read more young adult mission trip ideas